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Welcome to the Nisky Garage. The Nisky Garage is really the Niskayuna Auto shop and this website is here to keep people updated on special projects we are doing in it. Currently we are working on building an old school motorcycle based off a SL350 frame with a CB350 engine. More details can be found in the other pages on this website. This bike is being built as part of a biker build off between Niskayuna High School and Newfield CSD. By the end of the school year the two motorcycles have to be completed, and at that point the motorcycles will go to each others school and be voted on by the students and faculty. Rick Ketcham, the teacher at Newfield, and Rich DeSimony are planning on making a pilgrimage to the Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Races, to show off the motorcycles and thank all the people who have helped us along the way. Feel free to check out the site and keep updated on our project, and if you have any questions or comments see the contact page to get ahold of us.

Its starting the Final Assembly. Both bikes are due to be completed by the first week of June. D is going up to Newfield with our bike to have voting at that school on June 1st. Rick is coming down June 8th to Niskayuna for voting here. Also there is going to be an unvieling of both bikes at the Saratoga Auto Museum. More information on that will follow.


Recently we were in an article in the Saturday (April 28th) Gazzette in the Automotive Section. Also Niskayuna wrote an article on us and published it on their website. It can be seen at Lastly, look for us in the June edition of Roadracing World magazine, there is going to be an article on us in there as well.

Click here to see the article in Roadracing World Magazine

Here is a link to Rick site so you can check out there bike as well:

Check out our parts wanted list, and if anyone can help, drop us a line. Thanks in advance.

We would like to thank the following people for their donations and support for this project:


Rich Desimony
He's the guy who started all this, without him none of this could be happening

Chris and Ray from Powdertech
For powdercoating our parts and having us up to the shop to see the whole process.

PCW Racing
Special thanks to John, Brendon and Darrel for fixing our head, it truly was a mess! They also bored our cylinders to match our new Wiseco pistons!

Spitzie's Motorcycle Center
Thanks for the donation of the stainless steel brake lines from the guys at the counter.

For making us a set of their custom pistons.

Gary Swan of Toad Town Racing
For the tank and tail piece, cap and black box, exhaust parts, and tons of info.

Kevin from
Custom Billet Aluminum Triple Clamps and most of the Trick Billet parts.

Custom full floater brake rotor.

Art Ramos
For the donation of some Ducati Brakes and Support.
His site:

We would also like to wish you the best of luck with your recovery and hope you get well soon.

Mark McGrew from M3Racing
For the donation of the Cam Chain Control Tensioner and the Heavy Duty Cam Chain.

Greg and others from Ohio Caferacers
For the hooking us up with a great deal on Bronze Bushings.

Everyone in the Vintage Motorcycle Racing forum at
For all there advice and support.

Larry Nelson from Dynatek
For the DC3-1 Coils.

Brett Kugler from MSD
For the spark plug wires.

Buff Harsh from Todd Henning Racing
For the piston, Head port and polish, rockers and retainers.

Barbra from MegaCycle
For the cam regrind and the rocker resurfacing.

Barnett Clutch
For the clutch kit and clutch cable's.

Mike from Traxxion Dynamics
For hooking us up with parts to rebuild the front forks.