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Project TZ

Well, we are off again on a new adventure. Last school year we built a CB/SL 350; a Café-style bike with a 50’s GP feel to it. It went great and was sold this year to a couple from Tennessee; they plan on racing it so maybe some of you will see it on the track!

As for this year, we are going to build a TZ 250-- kind is a 1992 TZ frame and swing arm, 1999 TZ forks and a 2005 Husqvarna Te450 motor with RS250 body work. Yeah, it sounds like a Frankenstein and it is a huge design nightmare, but we are up for the challenge!!! So over the coming weeks and months, check back on our progress and see what a hand full of high school students and a bunch of parts can do! And lets not forget one insane technology teacher who just can’t take no for an answer!

TZ Week 1

TZ Week 2

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